Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Well, we're coming down to the end of February.  The Picture Book Marathon has been great, but exhausting.

So far, I've written 27 books in 25 days.  Only three days left to go.  I wrote a few extra in the early days and took two days off last week.  And I wrote two extras this week, so my total will be 28+ (hopefully).  It truly has been hard work to write a picture book a day from a new idea or an idea that had been hanging around a while.

I also found out what Lora Koehler and Jean Reagan had mentioned in the Picture Book Marathon blog - February 10th - Stinkers and Duds.  I found an idea or two that had been pulling at me, but when fleshed out, didn't really work.

Of course, not all of the books that I've written will work either.  I'll revise and polish them, some sooner than others, but even while writing them, some of them held less promise than others.  But be assured, my critique group will be seeing some of these in the months to come.

Plus, I didn't use up all the ideas I had generated.  I have lists and lists of ideas, but some days, I was struck by a new one that had to be done or I came up with something while I wasn't at my computer.

So, Thank Goodness it's Friday and the Picture Book Marathon is almost over.  It has been a great jumpstart to my writing, but I'm looking forward to now revising some of my stuff and sending it out!

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  1. Woohoo! Picture Book Marathon done! I completed 30 picture books in 28 days (with 2 days off). I'm definitely glad to be done. Now I just need to revise them and start sending some out!