Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank Goodness I'm Functioning (again)

It's Picture Book Marathon time again!

This February is the 4th annual Picture Book Marathon.  Last year, I completed the marathon and finished 30 picture books in 28 days.  I had wanted to go through them and revise them and actually send some of them out.  I think I only sent out one of them last year, however, I have recently been going through them and I plan to send some out soon.

That's what I'm hoping the marathon will do for me this year:  motivate me to send out more manuscripts.  Also, I'm planning on blogging about the marathon (at least once a week) this year--that should hopefully get me back into the blogging mode, since I've been sadly lax on maintaining this blog (but the job is going well!).

Anyway, looking back through all the manuscripts, many of them don't work, and might not ever work without being completely rewritten from scratch (which is a valid endeavor!), and some of them might work better as another literary form (magazine story, magazine poem, etc.).  But some of them could be quite nice!

Well, here's to your writing life and mine!  May we all have success in publishing (or whatever your goal is) this year!  Keep your eyes open for 4 new TGIF blogs next month!

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