Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Kickoff! (Introduction)

Hello.  I've finally started a writing blog.  I was wondering what I wanted my 'theme' to be.  I finally came up with TGIF.

I've always loved playing with words and acronyms, so TGIF may not always stand for what you think.  I was actually thinking Thank Goodness It's February because I am currently participating in the Picture Book Marathon.

The Picture Book Marathon runs during the month of February every year (started in 2008).  Marathon participants are supposed to write 26 picture books during the month--we get two days off for good behavior or something.  ;)  Last year I signed up, but didn't really do it.  I did use it as a motivation to do more for my writing career though.  This year, I was pumped, and I'm ahead of the game (6 PBs completed in 4 days!)!  Then, I guess we have the rest of the year to polish up those picture books, figure out which ones work best, and submit them to editors and agents!

So, it is Friday, and I was thinking of TGIF, then thought how that could be Thank Goodness It's February.  Thus, a blog is born.  Maybe it will give me reason to keep up a blog schedule though--I might start posting every(?) Friday.  We'll see!

Thanks for stopping by!


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