Friday, September 9, 2011

The Ground is Final

OK.  I believe in an afterlife.  I am a Christian, and everything I do is guided by my relationship with Jesus Christ (on good days...).  So, in that sense, the ground is not final.

But in another sense, it is.  You do not get to continue to do things in this world once you die.  People you knew do not get to experience you anymore.  You're done here.  Finito.

We lost another dog today.  We lost Rudy, a boxer, back in June.  His companion for the last 11 or 12 years, Gracie, another boxer, was put down today.  She was not the dog that she had been.  In her day, if anything with four legs came onto the nursery property, it had a slim chance of surviving.  She was a great guard dog.  But in the last couple of years, she moved much slower and even had to suffer our two cats rubbing up on her--not the same dog she had been.  She had a tumor on her head that the vet said would worsen her ability to get around and make life more painful, and surgery at her age (15+) would be highly suspect.

What does all this have to do with writing?  I'm glad you, er, asked!

When you're gone, you can't write anymore.  You can't send out that story to that magazine or publisher.  You can't read that book or go to that writing conference you always wanted to attend.

A new Shel Silverstein book is being released in about two weeks.  (Woohoo!)  His family went through his writings and found some more poems and drawings to have published.  That kind of thing is not going to happen for most of us.  (My wife likes most of my writing, but I'm not expecting this kind of treatment when I'm gone.)

So, make time to write NOW.  Do the things that you want NOW.  Don't put them off.

This applies to your entire life as well.  Want to go on that vacation?  Go.  Need to right that relationship with a friend/family member?  Do it.  None of us knows when our time will come.

So keep writing!

Thanks for stopping by.



P.S. - I've been lax with my blog all summer.  More on that next time...