Friday, February 18, 2011


Of course I'm the funniest person ever!

I know that's not true, but I do try my best.  You heard about the Pope and the 'TGIF' on his slippers?  Yeah - Toes Go In First!  (Aha!  The TGIF connection!)  I remember hearing that joke while I was growing up.  I'm not sure why it has to be the Pope, but it works.

Humor can be a great addition to writing.  Of course, every book doesn't need humor, but it can certainly spice up a story.  Even non-fiction can use humor to make a subject seem more interesting.

I want to write for kids, so humor is a definite plus.  When I write my poems, if I'm doing light verse, the humor generally comes easy for me.  But when I'm writing prose, it can be a bit more difficult.

Do I have any advice when it comes to writing humor?  Nah.  I think I'm a funny guy, but it is kind of hard to put into words how I do it.  Verbally, while just hanging out or going through life, I use a lot of pop-culture and current event references.  I like a funny juxtaposition of words, and occasionally even make up my own words.

Anyway, if you do a Google search, you should be able to find lots of sites with tips on 'humor in writing.'  So, I guess this week's blog isn't so much advice, but a more introspective look for me.

As for what kids might think funny, here's a link to humor development in children.  It is on a Clowning website, but the concepts can apply to writing as well.
There are a few tyops, ;) but it is an interesting article.

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