Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Finished!

So, the website is done and up!  Broms To You, Inc. is ready for business at

Now, as I wait for my million$ to roll in (I wish), I can get back to writing.  I have two weekends of craft shows at which I will be selling bromeliads, but I'm looking forward to the SCBWI Florida workshop the weekend after that!

I really want to get more writing projects done and sent out.  I submitted two manuscripts for critique at the workshop and am eager to hear/see that feedback.

Again, I want to remind you to check back for my author interview.  I know I keep promising it, but I'll be getting the questions out next week, hopefully, so I think I should have an interview up soon!

Keep writing (and get it finished)!

Thanks for stopping by.


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