Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank Goodness its February (yet again)

I'm still doing well on the Picture Book Marathon.  Yesterday was the ninth of the month and I've written eight picture books.  I did use one of my 'rest' days, but I have two left.

As for ideas for the books I'm working on this month, I've been looking back through ideas I have stored in notebooks, on my computer and on my phone and iPod.  However, some of my better ideas (I think) have just come up--sometimes from being around my kids.  So, you've got to keep your eyes and ears open for ideas that may strike you!  And keep something handy for jotting down those ideas.  It doesn't hurt to hang around children either.  :)

I have also been looking at sending out some of my poems to magazines.  I just need to decide which ones and to what magazine(s).  I want to send a few to at least two or three different magazines this month.

Stay motivated.  Stay focused.  And:

Keep writing!

Thanks for stopping by.


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I'm out of bed and made it to the keyboard.  What more do you want?!

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